Finally, You Get To Attend A REAL Summit Featuring Paid Content For FREE. :)
Sorry, it took me a while to do this for you.

But you have to understand - before I can deliver real content that's valuable, I need to "wait" for all of the free virtual summits of hypes to end. 

Truth is, there is no way I can compete by offering real knowledge and education with the 10X, 100X, 1000X, make-one-million-USD hypes you've seen all over the internet (BTW - I'm not referring to any summit in particular, the above is just a common pitch to get attention).

THIS VIRTUAL SUMMIT IS ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING AND ONLINE ECOMMERCE BUSINESS. In the First Affiliates.com.my Summit (virtual event), attendees will get to learn through real-life "case studies" by the experts - HOW successful entrepreneurs and marketers are getting customers for their businesses. And, the best part is, it's based on strategies that ordinary people can follow too. 
 What Is The First Affiliates.com.my Summit?
In January 2020, I did the first 2-Day Affiliates.com.my Summit in JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur. 

This is NOT a free event, all tickets WERE SOLD. For the obvious reason - if we are going to deliver amazing content without pitching on stage, we need to sell the tickets to make the event profitable, right?

But at the same time, I made the decision to sell the ticket for a ridiculously low price because it was the first summit and we want to focus on building the affiliates.com.my brand (and we've also gotten many positive testimonials for branding).
Here's How It Works: 
The Virtual Summit Will Be "LIVE" On The 6th June From 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM (estimated)
You see, the previous offline summit back in January was recorded. 

So on the 6th June, from 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM, I'll make the recording available as an online virtual event - this will be LIVE and I'll also be live in-person to run the event, just like how I did it for the offline summit. This means, whenever possible, you'll be able to interact with me too.

4 "speakers" from Day 1 will be selected. 

One thing about our speakers - they are not "speakers". I believe that's what makes the 2-Day Affiliates.com.my Summit so unique. Below's the video I use to sell the summit previously, you'll understand what I mean by watching it:
In short, the speakers on stage are real digital marketers or internet entrepreneurs. They are not interested in selling you any courses, coaching or workshops because they are already waaaaaay too busy running their own eCommerce or internet businesses. 

They are only here to share their experience, secrets and strategies with you (FOR FREE) because they are doing a favor for me and being grateful. 

I've even gotten a guest speaker for the summit. 

Her name is Alicia Pierce and she flew all the way from the United States to Malaysia just to teach to my audience - it's because of our friendship. If you think the goal is to make money, then you should calculate the traveling cost and opportunity cost (she came with her sister and her sister's daughter too). Frankly, there's "no money" to be made for traveling so far to teach a 200 attendees event.

The good news is, you'll get the "attend" her presentation in the First Affiliates.com.my Summit too.

When the date gets closer, I'll be able to announce who will be "speaking" for each speaking lot.  Topics include:
  • The 3 core marketing principles to win in business for 2020 and onward
  • The secret to sourcing products from China (presented by an entrepreneur with over 15 years doing business in China)
  • How the expert build his eCommerce dropship business selling to global market
  • How to build a 6-figure side hustle by my guest speaker who flew in from the United States just to teach my audience
  • ​And many others!
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Patric Chan's Credibility (Not That Important, But Just To Differentiate)
Patric Chan is an internet marketing pioneer and founder of affiliates.com.my. Here are some of his other credibilities that are factual based...
  • Spoken in 12 countries including United States, UK, China, Singapore, etc as an authority of internet marketing
  • ​ClickBank Platinum Partner for 7 years in a row since 2013
  • ​Co-author of the book, Clicking Cash with New York Times bestselling author, Robert G. Allen
  • ​​Author of 3 best-selling books, the 72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits, The International Player and Clicking Cash, including multiple Amazon bestsellers
  • Patric Chan and his products have been featured in CNN, Entrepreneur.com & Forbes
  • ​​​​#1 internet marketing pioneer in Malaysia
  • ​​The first internet marketer to be promoted by a bank at rhb.com.my
  • ​​Featured in an international best-selling entrepreneurial book together with Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker and others
  • Arguably, the Guru with the most documented testimonials in Malaysia
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